Choose Well Repairs That Won’t Drain Your Finances

Well Pump Installation, Repair, and More with Dwyer Water Wells.

Water wells are a very popular method of water supply. In fact, more than 43 million people or 15% of the population rely on private water wells as their water supply in the United States. However, the extensive knowledge required to efficiently service & repair them is difficult to find when searching for a pump service provider. Which means you may face expensive repair fees and still be left with a improperly working well. Dwyer Water Wells believes that affordability, expertise, and quality can coexist. We’re committed to providing reliable pump service for our customers. If you’ve noticed that your well is underperforming, contact us for a free consultation at (870) 222-0888.

Its “almost” a proven fact that your heart skips a beat when you lose water!

A minor issue is often the source of many well frustrations. Your local well specialists have years of contracting experience and can easily:

  • Troubleshoot Pump Problems
  • Repair Broken Pumps & Water Lines
  • Winterize Pump Systems
  • Install Replacement Well Pumps & Pressure Tanks
  • Provide Annual Well Maintenance Plans
  • Perform One Time System Inspections