Hold the tap, we all need water filtration.

Have you ever thought about what’s coming out of that faucet and into your body? You might be wondering what the big deal is — it’s just water.

In reality, tap water and even spring water can contain dozens of contaminants, some of which have long-term health effects.

Yes, water in the U.S. is heavily controlled and tested, but that doesn’t mean that things like hormones and chemicals don’t slip through undetected.

Plus, depending on where you live, you could even be ingesting high amounts of tap water additives including fluoride and chlorine.

The health effects of these contaminants over long periods of time can be detrimental.

So what is one to do? Drinking filtered water has had measurable beneficial effects on your health. Here’s why water filtration is important!

What Are Water Contaminants?

A contaminant is defined as “any physical, chemical, biological, or radiological substance or matter in water.”

Anything from your pipes, groundwater quality, dirty well water, and erosions can contribute to the type of contaminant you may have in your tap water.

Just because your tap water might look clean, there could be a number of things contaminating your water that you can’t see.

These things can include pesticides, industrial run-off, corrosion from iron pipes or rust, chlorine, ammonia, and sometimes even parasites are all present in tap water.

After all, that water has likely traveled hundreds of miles to get to your faucet. A lot can happen in that time!

In fact, the Environmental Working Group found in a study that around 85% of the total population were using contaminated tap water.

In order to combat biological contaminants, many municipal water companies add chlorine and fluoride to disinfect public drinking water.

While that may save you the stomach flu, it’s definitely not ideal to be ingesting these chemicals long-term.

Skip That Bottled Water Too

Before you go running out to the store to buy bottled water, consider this.

Bottled water is often not very highly regulated by the EPA and bottled water companies can claim all sorts of things that aren’t necessarily true.

Some companies even just fill up the bottles with tap water! You’re really not getting cleaner water by drinking from a plastic bottle.

Plus, it’s terrible for the environment! Just don’t do it.

Why You Should Opt For Filtered Water

Filtered water in your home either via an integrated home filtration system, is really the only way to ensure you’re drinking safe water.

Water filtration has the ability to remove sentiment, reduce the harmful mineral content, remove pathogens, lower chlorine levels.

Activated charcoal filters also have the ability to remove pesticides from the water, which is on the rise because of modern organic pesticides that dissolve easily in water.

Washing your clothing and showering in filtered water also reduces the amount of skin irritation or clothing damage you might experience with untreated water.

Filtered water is easier on your home’s pipes, your clothes, your skin, and your overall health!

Final Thoughts

While it might be easy to ignore the negative side effects of contaminated tap water because it looks clean, do yourself a favor and invest in your long-term health with filtered drinking water.

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