When Did You Last Screen Your Water?

When Did You Last Screen Your Water?

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You’re no environmental scientist. However, you’ve realized that your water tastes funny. Your aim is to serve healthy beverages to family and friends – but how do you test your water for safety? Call Dwyer Water Wells, PLLC first. We offer trusted water quality testing services to the greater Texarkana area. You can also request a free consultation and learn what type of well to install on your residential or commercial property. Dwyer Water Wells, PLLC’s technicians will:

  • Adjust filtration systems based on your water quality
  • Specifically design filtration systems for your property
  • Take individual samples for maximum testing efficiency
  • Pull comprehensive reports for your review
  • Perform screening for all potential contaminants

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4 common water contaminants

Well water has a reputation for its refreshing taste. Experience the difference when you choose Dwyer Water Wells, PLLC to conduct your water screening. Regain peace of mind and check your water for signs of:

  • Iron
  • Bacteria
  • Sulfer
  • E coli

Of her new filtration system, client Robbie G. said, “Thanks for the new water system. Haven’t had water this good in years.” You can enjoy purer water, too. Schedule your FREE water quality test today!

Conditions or Nearby Activities

Recurring gastrointestinal illness

Household plumbing contains lead

Radon in indoor air or region is radon rich

Corrosion of pipes, plumbing

Nearby areas of intensive agriculture

Coal or other mining operations nearby

Gas drilling operations nearby

Dump, junkyard, landfill, factory, gas station, or dry-cleaning operation nearby

Odor of gasoline or fuel oil, and near gas station or buried fuel tanks

Objectionable taste or smell

Stained plumbing fixtures, laundry

Salty taste and seawater, or a heavily salted roadway nearby

Scaly residues, soaps don’t later

Rapid wear of water treatment equipment

Water softener needed to treat hardness

Water appears cloudy, frothy, or colored

Test for:

Coliform bacteria

pH, lead, copper


Corrosion, pH, lead

Nitrate, pesticides, coliform bacteria

Metals, pH, corrosion

Chloride, sodium, barium, strontium

Volatile organic compounds, total dissolved solids, pH, sulfate, chloride, metals

Volatile organic compounds

Hydrogen sulfide, corrosion, metals

Iron, copper, manganese

Chloride, total dissolved solids, sodium


pH, corrosion

Manganese, iron

Color, detergents